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4 Common Myths about Addiction

Dispelling the myths

Being open about your addiction is not an easy thing to do. Whether that is a conversation you have with yourself, your loved ones, or a medical professional.

Admitting you have a problem and that you need help is the first major step on the road to recovery. If you have reached that stage, you should be proud of yourself and know that there are lots of people out there waiting to help you continue your journey.

Unfortunately, for many years, a lot of myths have emerged surrounding addiction.

Here, we explore and dispel some common myths surrounding addiction:

1. You can do it alone/there’s nothing that can be done about it

Accepting that you need help is not an easy step, but it is an important one. Those who have never faced an addiction or mental health problem might not understand just how challenging it is to go about everyday life.

Many simply cannot cope with the day-to-day, such as going to work, socialising, or even leaving the house. You do not have to go through this alone, which is why rehabilitation centres exist.

It is harmful to suggest that anyone can face the road to recovery alone. Many factors contribute to alcohol and drug dependencies, or other behavioural addictions. You deserve help and support to get you onto the path to a healthier life.

2. You have to hit rock bottom

There is no such thing as not being unwell enough for treatment. You do not have to hit rock bottom before you decide to seek support.

Rehabilitation centres welcome all patients that are struggling with an addiction. Reaching out for help earlier on is always best if you feel that you can - take a look at Castle Craig, they provide a range of options for your support. Read more about your support options.

While we understand how difficult it is to communicate with your loved ones about addiction, if you can, they will be able to help you to seek professional help sooner.

If you feel ready, accessing one of the many readily available resources or calling a helpline for an initial conversation about your addiction is a great way to start.

3. Overcoming addiction is a matter of willpower

Addictions are caused by many factors, but they are not simply overcome by ‘willpower’. You do not struggle because you lack the strength to fight addiction.

Taking the step to read this or consider treatment takes an enormous amount of strength. Recovery is not always straightforward but that is why support is available to help you through this difficult time.

4. It didn’t work before so it won’t work again

Not everyone responds the same way to treatment, which is why rehabilitation centres offer a range of therapies, from equine therapy to family therapy, to find the method that suits you best.

Remember that it is always worth giving yourself another chance. You are important and you deserve to get better and live a happy, healthy life.

You may have tried a different type of treatment, such as detoxing or talking therapy, but it is important to remember that private rehab offers a more comprehensive treatment package.

More information on how to maintain your recovery journey.

NHS Vs private rehabilitation centres

Once you have decided you are ready to seek treatment, it can be confusing when you are faced with the option of attending a private or NHS rehabilitation centre.

Unfortunately, while the NHS offers free support, it can take some time before you can begin treatment, unless you are seeking emergency care, of course.

With a private rehab centre, you won’t be placed on a waiting list and you will receive help immediately.

While choosing a private rehabilitation centre is more expensive, there is a wide range of specialist treatment options available and there will be no delay in getting the help you need, whatever your situation: