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What is rehab like?

What is rehab like?

Rehab is there to help

People who are looking into rehab may be wondering what it is like in rehab.

They may have questions about the treatment their facility provides them, or what their typical day will be like while in an inpatient facility.

While every rehab has a typical day-to-day routine, every rehab will include similar programs for all their patients.

  • 12 step treatment model
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy 
  • Group and individual therapies
  • Trauma and grief therapies
  • Family counselling

Whether you are being treated for a drug or an alcohol addiction, you will be required to do a detox.

You will also remain in a safe environment where you will be unable to access the substances and in the care of addiction specialists. 

Selecting the right rehab centre is a key part of the recovery process. People may be wondering ‘what is rehab like’ and feel like they might not have a proper answer, view this informative post that will answer any question you have about rehab. 

How safe am I in rehab?

Rehab is one of the safest places to be when wanting to overcome an addiction.

Not only will you be in a monitored environment with medical professionals that will provide you with all the care and treatment you require, but you will also have access to ongoing support that will help your recovery process feel easier.

Inpatients who attend rehab are also provided with all the tools needed that will help them keep their sobriety when they complete their time at rehab.

While most rehab centres recommend a 28-day stay, other facilities may encourage patients to extend their stay if they believe they will benefit from a longer stay.

Rehab gives you all the tools you need

Those who go to rehab feel confident when leaving the facility as they are given all the tools and information needed that will allow them to keep their sobriety.

Rehab doesn’t do all the work for you, but they provide you with all the information that you will need so you can help yourself. They provide everything you will need to get better.


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