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Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes as they are often known, are becoming more and more popular with smokers.

An electronic cigarette looks just like a real cigarette and provides the same sensation that smokers are used to, but has a number of additional benefits.

To purchase premium e-liquids with nicotine, we suggest shopping online at Wick & Wire Co. WWC supplies a range of flavoured nicotine e-liquids, such as donuts, strawberry and pink lemonade. This NZ based vape shop provides their customers with first-class vape liquid.  See what’s new.

Why smoke an e-cigarette?

One of the biggest benefits of e-cigs is that they are much cheaper than normal tobacco cigarettes. Granted there is the initial cost of the starter kit, but once you have purchased that, you could save up to 80% compared to your regular cigarettes. Click here for more benefits.

E-cigs are also tar and tobacco free, meaning you won’t be subjected to the same levels of harmful chemicals you otherwise are with normal cigarettes.

This also means that the risk of passive smoking is greatly reduced. Consequently, you can smoke an electronic cig in places that are restricted by the smoking ban, including bars and pubs.

We understand smokers and know that some want to cut down on the amount they smoke, whilst others want to continue smoking but would like to cut out some of the undesirable effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

We have something for all smokers and stock a wide variety of e-cig products, including e-liquid, cartridges, complete kits, and a range of other accessories. See how to cut down gradually.

Did you know that stopping smoking can also contribute towards improving your well-being. Find out more.