Health Fact Sheets

Fact sheets:

What is allergy?

What is an Allergen?

We are interested in all areas of health.  Often illness can be a direct reaction to something in the environment or something we eat or come into contact with.

Teeth health:

Is the tooth-decay theory wrong?

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D lowers blood pressure

A diet with sufficient vitamins helps the body to function properly.

Breakspear Medical Bulletin:

medical bulletin

Dr Jean Munro has assisted some of our members with their allergies and sensitivities.

One of our members has had a bad experience with mould causing illness.


What is autism?

How a Physician Cured Her Son of autism?


The BigDebate – Should we fluoridate our water supplies?

The children of some of our members have experienced white spots on their teeth.


Mercury could soon be banned by EU – amalgam fillings

Some of our members have had their amalgam fillings removed because of health concerns.


Type 2 Diabetes latest