Scared Of The Dentist? Try Hypnotherapy

Scared Of The Dentist? Try Hypnotherapy

Why Am I Scared Of The Dentist?

Many people dread going to the dentist and often, the actual dentist has done nothing wrong and is very pleasant; so why are so many people scared of going to the dentist and what can be done to ease nerves and make going to the dentist less stressful?

What can be done to help patients who are scared of going to the dentist?

Nowadays, there are various techniques and treatments available for phobia and anxious patients, including:

  • sedation
  • hypnotherapy
  • distraction techniques, such as playing music and watching films
  • laser treatment
  • aromatherapy and relaxation techniques
  • painless injections

If you do suffer from anxiety when faced with a trip to the dentist, talk to your dentist; your dentist will be happy to reassure you and if they are aware that you are struggling, they can alter their approach to make your feel calmer and reassured.

The Perfect Practices are an elite group of private dental studios which specialise in treating nervous and phobic patients.

They use the patented NuCalm system as well designing their practices to be relaxing and soothing.

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More tips for dealing with dental phobia.

Causes of dental anxiety

There are many different reasons why people may be afraid of going to the dentist. In the majority of cases, it is not the actual dentist that people are afraid of, but rather, the dental procedure or the sights and sounds of the dental practice.

Common causes of dental phobia include:

  1. A fear of pain: most people experience anxiety when they think they are going to be subjected to pain and this is a natural human instinct; however, some people suffer from very severe anxiety and this fear can consume them and make them experience symptoms such as feeling very nervous, sick and restless and developing butterflies in their tummy and a very fast heart rate.
  2. A fear of needles and injections: nobody enjoys injections, but some people have a deep-seated fear of needles and this can put them off going to the dentist.
  3. Negative experiences in the past: if you have a bad experience anywhere, this can put you off and the dental practice is no different. If you’ve had treatment that left you in pain in the past or you came across a dentist you didn’t particularly like, this can make you nervous about having treatment in the future.
  4. A fear of the dental drill: nothing makes you feel more nervous than the whirring sound of the dreaded dental drill when you are in the waiting room of a dental surgery. The drill is synonymous with feelings of pain and discomfort, but there are alternative treatments available, such as laser treatment.
  5. Embarrassment: some people feel anxious about going to the dentist because they are embarrassed about their oral health, the look of their teeth or having issues, such as staining or bad breath. If this is the case, it is worth remembering that dentists are trained to treat patients with oral diseases and it is highly likely that they will have seen many patients with the same issues in the past. London has become a hub of dental phobia treatment experts and finding dental help in W1 and other areas is easier than ever before.
  6. Fear of bad news: one reason some people dread going to the dentist is being told bad news. When you go to the dentist it is a massive relief to be told that everything is okay and you don’t have to come back for another check-up for 6 months, but if something is wrong and you need further treatment, this can be scary, especially for patients who suffer from dental phobia or severe anxiety.

The best way to prevent oral disease is to stick to a good oral hygiene routine and see your dentist regularly.




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