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Abuse assistance counselling and psychotherapy

End abuse now

We combine a number of techniques and therapy resources in assisting persons who have suffered from abuse. We help victims (past and current) perpetrators and carers. . We assist with domestic violence, psychological abuse, sexual abuse and other complex forms of abuse.

Methods used with Abuse cases in

Methods combine counselling, psychotherapy, life coaching, gentle healing techniques, meditation, positive visualisation, social work advocacy (dealing with any external agencies), anger management, stress management and many more. These are all combined according to the needs of the individual client.

Abuse Counselling:

Counselling, Psychotherapy, self-help and where appropriate hypnotherapy can be effective in treating the symptoms of history or environment of abuse. Perhaps the most well known is counselling. Counselling is gentle and patient and combines well with other techniques, some of which are more proactive. This means that the assistance proceeds at the pace needed by the client.

Outcomes of abuse counselling and psychotherapy

Therapy should deal with the entire topic in a holistic way, the events, aftermath and consequences. Some typical factors that occur in abuse cases follow.

Examples of issues

  • Abused Child / Angry Child / Abusive Family
  • Anger management / Helping the Adult Victim
  • Self-Esteem / Assertiveness
  • Survival / Abusive partnership and relationships
  • Problems with success / Problems with Authority
  • Violence / Guilt
  • Feeling to blame / Accomplice
  • Disempowered / Pattern of abuse
  • Repeated abusive relationships / Traumatic recall or effect
  • Professional witnesses traumatised or stressed by exposure to cases
  • Accused of abuse
  • Sexual confusion or other problems
  • NEAD / GAD
  • Anger management / Stress management
  • Self Identity / Borderline Personality Disorder

Whether your personal feelings or experience fall into any of the above categories, counselling, psychotherapy and other methods have a good chance of assisting you through your issues.

Real-Life Examples

ABUSE NOW senior therapist Sarah is experienced in dealing with abuse-related cases and has a long term background in counselling and psychotherapy, together with additional experience in voluntary sector Social & Social care work, youth work and community work. She also has ASET Level 3 accredited qualifications in Social Work related subjects including “Competence in Social Work”.

Sarah also has the related experience and offers a range of gentle and holistic healing techniques that support the mental healing process. She is also well qualified to level 4 in Life Coaching and Counselling methods. Denise has experience being a service user, leading to her becoming a therapist. She is also an experienced mental health support worker.

Abuse reactions and behaviours are often assisted with eastern-based methods, including mindfulness, Morita, Naikan and Satori. These methods provide holistic depth to Cognitive behavioural therapy and other practical methods, leading to more substantial long term changes.

From 2012 psychological therapy will also contain elements of mindfulness and CBT in order to increase client development between sessions.

During 2019 Sarah carried out extensive continuous professional development specifically in the area of analysis. Sarah completed post-qualification competency training in CBASP (cognitive behavioural analysis system of psychotherapy) and she trained in the clinical application of mindfulness with depression and mental health. Both pieces of training were provided by NHS employed clinicians and were run at local universities.

Treatment for abuse with addiction problems can often lead to needing inpatient care, ie rehab. Click here for more information on rehab etc.

Combined with long term ongoing training in mental health and health provision topics through Sussex University, and with other specialist training such as PODS training in dissociative disorders, both therapists are committed to practical and applied training for mental health conditions.

We adhere to appropriate National Occupational Standards, carry professional insurance and support voluntary regulation of therapists. We are both subject to regulation in therapy. Both therapists area CNHC registered hypnotherapists (voluntary regulation of hypnotherapy).  Both therapists are registered on both CNHC and FHT PSA Accredited Registers. Professional Standards Authority Accredited Registers are for healthcare practitioners not subject to statutory regulation.