Anxiety States

Anxiety is different from that of panic and fear, in that anxiety is a chronic state of arousal, where panic and fear is sudden and an acute state.

The more common complaints by an anxious person are, sweating, nausea or ‘butterfly's’ in the stomach, palpitations or chest pain, shallow or constricted breathing, muscle tension and headaches are often found. Everyone is an individual, so not all these or different symptoms may be experienced.

Anxiety is normally persistent and severity depends on how badly individuals expect they will do in a situation, how much control they may have in a particular situation or event, and how critically they will be judged afterwards. They frequently evaluate themselves or create an image that is negative, which causes further or persistent anxiousness.

Nearly all those suffering from anxiety will complain of not being able to concentrate or they have a poor memory. There is nothing wrong with their concentration or memory, just the underlying anxiety that creates them not to think with logic and reason.

CBT Cognitive behavioural therapy within hypnosis, allows different copy skills and strategies for living life more positively, which then becomes a new habit.


Phobias and Fears

A phobia is a persistent irrational fear of and wish to avoid a specific object, activity or situation. This sense of fear is out of proportion to the real danger, which the person recognises as exaggeration. The person finds it difficult to control fear and will attempt to avoid the object or situation. The object may be dogs, snakes, spiders, darkness, thunder.

Fear provoking situations such as high places, crowds, open or enclosed spaces. Those suffering with a phobia feel anxious, not only in the presence of an object or situation, but when thinking about them. CBT reduces the worry, distancing techniques and many other techniques are extremely helpful.

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