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Monthly Archive April 21, 2022

Cosmetic treatment before and after

Before and after pictures are not just taken for a website.

They are imperative to demonstrating the results and potential of excellent dental work - important for dentists trying to showcase their work

However, some can be more misleading than others!

Cosmetic dental treatment can make unique adjustments to your smile!

Here are some of the leading UK clinics and the great jobs they have accomplished:

Cosmetic Bonding Before and After

One of the hundreds of patients that have received cosmetic treatment at the Liverpool clinic.

They have specialised in cosmetic bonding for several years.

Porcelain veneers Before and After

Cosmetic dentistry before and after photoBefore and after extensive cosmetic dental -register as a patient now at Maida Smiles, London.

Veneer Before and After

Before and after veneer treatment from Fresh Smile Clinic, West Yorkshire.

Teeth Whitening Before and After

Before and after using teeth whitening at The Smile Dentist, South Wales.

Invisalign Before and After

Patient after using six months’ worth of Invisalign treatment at Nottingham Smiles, Nottinghamshire


How to take the best before and after pictures

  1. Use a high-quality camera - we recommend a DSLR in particular
  2. Find an appropriate light (essential to any sort of photography)
  3. Always keep the patient relaxed
  4. Take a series of photos - standing, sidewards, profile smile etc.
  5. Use the right tools - use tools such as; cheek retractors and an intraoral mirror for full arch images.


Before and After pictures can play significant roles in a dental consultation:

Showing before and after photos as part of the consultation can help bring recommendations and ideas to patients much more effectively.

They showcase your expertise

These photos can show off what you have previously accomplished and how trusted you are.

Appeal more professional

By presenting images of previous treatments, you can earn patients’ trust as it demonstrates that you take pride in your work and take care of results.

Can identify issues

This allows patients to look at previous procedures and similarly use comparisons to match what they would like - satisfying their own needs.


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4 Types of Dental Implants (Which One Is Best for You?)

Dental implants are the short and long term replacement of missing or damaged teeth.

Choosing to ignore the signs of tooth damage can leave long-lasting effects not just on your appearance but on oral health too.

Practices and clinics now provide various types of dental implant procedures that help to aid all sorts of tooth problems.

These are some of the treatments that are provided:

#1 Single Implants 

A single dental implant may be the right choice if you are missing one tooth.

Single implants are favoured based on their permanent, long-lasting and natural look which gives you the best smile.

Using a single dental implant to replace a missing tooth offers a far more effective solution that leaves neighbouring teeth untouched and preserves vital bone structure where the missing tooth once was. More here.

#2 All on 4 

All on 4 techniques represent the future of implant surgery with which it’s possible to replace all the missing teeth with just 4 implants.

Benefits of using All on 4 treatments:

  • Costs are significantly lower than conventional implant surgery
  • Walk-in – walk-out service
  • Gain immediate results
  • Improves basic jaw functions such as chewing

Quick tip:

Research beforehand into any dental clinic when considering dental implants

We have taken the time to find the best clinics within the UK that specialise in all types of dental implants:

One in particular that we recommend within London is Aqua Dental Clinic.

Dr Maini and her team of specialist implantologists are highly experienced in placing dental implants and years of experience within implant dentistry - which you can trust.

One patient within the UK post-implant surgery:

“Finished my treatment today with Dr Maini. Very efficient and helpful!  - my teeth are looking great and I cannot stop smiling!”

#3 Mini dental implants 

Mini dental implants are suited best for replacing a single tooth, most predominantly front or premolar.

The treatment is a temporary restoration which includes; no gum surgery or drilling, few dental visits and same-day treatment.

A cheaper and easily accessible solution to amend your smile.

4# Multiple implants

Dental implants can offer a fantastic alternative to removable dentures when you are missing multiple teeth.

For complicated cases and multiple dental implant placements, specialists will assess you and plan your treatment using digital technology to achieve an accurate and outstanding result.

Multiple implants can be expensive – we recommend researching specialist clinics that offer good rates!

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