Of course everyone is different and therefore have different thoughts and feelings about flying. Some people believe that the wings will fall off, or that the plane will run out of fuel. Others feel sick a long time before flying, to being in total panic arriving at the airport. The thought of suffocating, feeling trapped, claustrophobia and many other worst case scenarios that can be thought of, will create fear and total panic.

Fear and panic are acute states of arousal that occur repeatedly and unexpectedly which can have some of the following symptoms:-

Difficult rapid or laboured breathing, palpitations, chest pains, choking or smothering sensations, dizziness, fainting fear of dying, fear of mental illness, or of impending doom, hot / cold flushes, hot / cold clammy hands, tingling / burning sensations, trembling / shaking, sweating, unrealistic feelings.

Most people with a panic disorder feel anxious about the possibility of having another panic attack.

A panic disorder can progress to produce a phobia due to avoiding a situation that they think will cause a panic, including agoraphobia where panic is felt in crowded places, shops, and when flying. Even the thought of flying on holiday or a business trip can create anxiety.   

This problem responds well to cognitive behavioural therapy.


Building confidence and self-esteem is much easier than one thinks, certainly in hypnosis one learns far quicker and easier. Using the ability of your own thoughts to feel really great about flying anywhere, anytime which of course increases each time that person fly's in the future.

CBT of one or two sessions including a CD can be of great benefit. Other people who have panic and other psychological problems may need the use of  CBT to break-up the habit and obtain better ways of thinking and feeling.

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