Medical & Dental Hypnosis


Medical hypnosis covers a large field of problems. Hypertension can be reduced, also pain, discomfort, and nausea. Fear of medical procedures from minor fears of injections, (needles) to fear of major surgery can be relieved, because of this the patient heals more quickly.

Burns patients can have their dressings changed with little or no analgesia, this is especially useful for those who are either allergic to some medications, or are unable to tolerate them. Surgery can even be performed without any anaesthesia. With these problems I work closely with the doctor involved. It has been proved in the USA over a thirty year period, that by preparing patients hypnotically and psychologically, outcomes to surgical procedures has improved and costs reduced.

Patients undergoing radiological procedures are fearful and anxious. They have been know to refuse a CT or MRI scan because of the claustrophobic effect, being left alone, or the loud noises of the machinery. There is then an inability to provide the necessary data which can prove detrimental to the patient, and the high cost of scanning time.

Providing effective cognitive, emotional and psychological parameters prior to surgical intervention significantly reduces, stress, fear, anxiety, physical trauma, pain, pyrexia, hypothermia, malnutrition and drug therapy.


Gagging, feelings of foreign bodies, x-ray plates, and constant feelings of rough, sharp edges in the mouth, i.e. dentures, can be successfully treated with suggestion therapy. (Gagging can be a direct cause of something that happened to the patient many years ago, and using a short pinpoint analysis reveals and resolves this problem).  

Bruxism can be alleviated by suggestion therapy if it is a recent event. However, if this is an ongoing problem over many years, analysis is the most effective way of treatment. The person is ‘eating themselves up’ during the night and often complains of a tight jaw during the day. Besides the wear of teeth, severe headaches and/or migraines, frequently occur on a weekly basis. With using CBT, more often the patient notices that they have a better quality nights sleep, and no longer suffer headache or migraines. If the patient is depressed, have panic attacks or insomnia, then these conditions are resolved using CBT.

Common problems encountered by a dental practitioner are anxiety, fear, tension, apprehension and even hostility. There are a significant number of people that are unable to obtain regular dental checks for many years until a gross problem forces them to seek dental treatment. Severe dental anxieties and phobias are frequently the cause of previous unpleasant experiences with dentists. Anxiety, fear and tension causes a perceived increase in pain. A parent who has fears may transmit them onto their children. Sedatives are frequently used, but sedation cannot re-educate the patient to respond more positively than to therapy. Often when further treatments are required, negative thoughts and feelings may be cumulative if not addressed.  

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