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Safer, more effective method.

There are women in other cultures of the world that give birth calmly and quietly. In the western world girls are brought up to perceive birth as extremely painful, caused by cultural expectations. Hypnosis produces calmness and relaxation, physically and mentally, and therefore reduces pain, fluctuating blood pressure, anxiety, stress, and nausea.

Hypnosis Sessions.

An average of 4 sessions is required (not including the free initial consultation). I frequently see their partner or husband once during this time. This is to establish from both, the needs and expectations during the birth. Most of the therapy is done by the childbearing mother, at home with CDs, in her own time and way. See teaching self-hypnosis under Hypnosis.

Reduces Labour time

It is well established that hypnosis reduces the first stage of labour by approx. 2 hours in the a woman with already one child or more and possibly between 3 and 4 hours in a first time mum.

Less drug therapy required (if any)

Hypnosis is used to significantly reduce pain during delivery, if there is a need for analgesia, a reduced amount of drug is effective. Analgesic medication may be a potential risk to the respiration of both baby and mother. It is frequently found that no painkillers are required as the only sensations experienced will be movement and pressure. Glove anaesthesia is taught during self hypnosis sessions.


Due to relaxation during the final stages of labour, there is very little tearing if at all, as no hard anxious pushing has been applied. If an episiotomy is required, suggestion of analgesia is used for the peri-anal area by self hypnosis.

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Hypnosis For Childbirth UK & USA. Bristol Hypnotherapy Clinic provides a more natural childbirth by using hypnosis. Clinical hypnotherapy gives you a remarkable degree of control, over your mind and body. Therefore you are able to reduce pain, fear, and anxiety whilst in labour, creating a calmer experience and a less stressed baby.

During the term of pregnancy, discomfort with back pain, morning sickness, headaches, insomnia can be alleviated. It would be both wise and pertinent to consult with your physician to eliminate any medical problems.

Fears of hospitals, needles, tokophobia, panic attacks and clinical / ante natal depression can create an unpleasant pregnancy and childbirth.

Clinical hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy can produce better coping skills and therefore good mental health. As a hypnotherapist I see many who are pregnant with all sorts of problematic negativity or depressive thoughts regarding their future. It is well established that breaking up depression during pregnancy with CBT can significantly reduce post natal depression. That is why the focus on ante natal depression is so important.