Hypnosis For Childbirth UK Childbirth (Page 2)

Less breech births.

A breech presentation can be converted to the vertex position through external cephalic version, ( by an Obstetrician).  However, some breech cases are successfully converted using hypnosis into the vertex position.

A less exhausted mother after birth.

Most women feel less mentally and physically exhausted, and even look fit and well afterwards. They remain quite calm and relaxed.


Lactation can be stimulated, increasing the flow, by suggestion, which can be influenced by conscious and subconscious emotional disturbances. This allows the mother to be more calm and relaxed, and feel good about this natural process.

A much less stressed baby

Babies have shown to cry less, sleep and feed better and generally calmer, possibly due to a diminished trauma at birth.

A calm peaceful birthing experience.

With total control over your mind and body you can participate in the natural birth process, and are able to both enjoy and experience the birth of your child.  It is more likely that the mum will be calmer and happier after giving birth, there may be a reduced possibility of post-natal depression.

History of Premature Births.

Depending on the vast possible problems (including genetics), suggestions to the mother of well-being and relaxation, can possibly allow the foetus to remain in situ for a longer period of time.

Bristol Hypnotherapy Clinic  in residence at the

Greenway Community Practice, Greystoke Ave, Southmead, Bristol BS10 6AF

Tel: 0117-968-6886,    Mobile: 07811-373703,

International 44117-968-6886    USA Cell phone 248.252.7301

The first consultation, normally around 32 weeks, if everything has been progressing normally. This consultation is to understand your expectations of the birth of your child, any previous experiences, and if it is planned for a home or hospital birth. Based on this information I formulate a plan of action, and explain what each session will comprise of.

If a woman is suffering from depression, panic attacks, or has a fear or phobia, primary or secondary tokophobia,  then this needs to be dealt with earlier, especially if they may have been taking anti-depressant medication.

CDs are supplied for :-

General relaxation

A pre-childbirth CD

A childbirth CD (during labour only)

Introductory consultation ( around 60 minutes )  

Normally only 2 or 3 sessions are required       

For problems with depression, panic disorder

Clinical Hypnotherapy  4 - 6 sessions              

Fees include CDs where appropriate.

A session is normally between 50 minutes to 60 minutes.



September 2010 and through 2014

Initial Consultation £50

Childbirth £79.00 per session, due to extra CDs                                     

£69.00 per session for any other problems

There is No V.A.T.