David Kato provides a one day Intense Certificate Course in

The Psychology of Depression & Therapeutic modalities.

Hypnotherapy training schools do not provide this speciality in depression, uni-polar, clinical depression, major depressive illness, ante & post natal depression.

Virtually every hypnotherapist comes across a client suffering with depression, ranging from minor to suicidal. To be able to help those with depression takes more than just a often trite, positive thoughts and feelings suggestive therapy, or increasing self-esteem and confidence. The client may feel a little better after this therapy, but for their future ability to stay out of depression, can be 'short lived' and disappointing to them.

This seminar will provide you with the skills and toolbox to utilize, for the many variant negative thought processes that depressives find difficult to change. You will be able to give them better coping skills and mechanisms to live life in a better way mainly using CBT, cognitive behavioural therapy.

A comprehensive CPD course on depression.

Who gets depression?

The cost of depression

Causes of depression

Uni-polar depression

Bi-polar depression

Clinical depression

Major depressive illness

Personality disorders & The English Version of DSM IV

Anti-depressant agents and their effects and side effects.

The depressive mind-set & cognitive distortions in major depressive disorder.

The initial consultation

Reading body Language

Therapeutic approaches

What works and does not work

Analytical therapy, the benefits or contraindication of.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

Interpersonal related skill therapy

Use of CDs, subliminal's

Providing homework for the depressive

Patient Outcomes

Total cost of the day course is £185.

Please let me know if you are interested for a place ASAP.

Email me to check if a place is available.

For further information please phone or email.

David provides seminars, lectures, and workshops in medical departments in universities, hospitals, to hypnotherapists, midwives & physicians in the USA and UK and is a NRAH Accredited Advanced

Course contents will be provided in a

comprehensive file and a CD with example scripts, and self-help assignments.

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CPD Courses in 2014 at the Bristol Hypnotherapy Depression Clinic UK

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