There are a few people who have a negative stance about body language. This is usually due to not attending a body language course, or a big misconception that one particular movement equals lying. An operative has to decipher a whole range of movements, to create an overall impression, therefore significantly reducing bias and prejudices.


Officers who work in transportation are able to observe a person’s body language to identify possible high-risk passengers, or identify those who demonstrate behaviors which indicate they could be a threat. This is sometimes called behavior pattern recognition, or behavior detection.

Indicators could be linked to fear, which in turn causes sweating, vocal pitch increase, respiratory change, gait, looking away, head down, (besides many others), provide the officer to question the individual further, or place them under observation. This person may not be a terrorist, perhaps experience a fear of flying, or have some criminal intent.


Many Body Language Detection Officers (DBO’s) have found they are able to arrest those with fake passports, immigration violations, contraband, drugs, money laundering, just by the suspicious ‘tells’ the person is exhibiting.

I teach psychological communication and body language. The main aim is to provide an officer techniques where he / she can identify, but also question a suspect in a way, that reveals the true underlying reasons for the suspicious behaviour, in a very pleasant and non-threatening way. This is a relevant aspect, as an officer obtains more information, when they are calm, relaxed, in control and are confident about what they do.

Besides BDO’s in airports, there are many other areas where Body Language would be most useful. Underground, Port Authorities, police, Custom & Excise, and airline stewardesses,certainly for those working on the baggage counter, as they come into direct contact with virtually all the passengers.

Anti-Terrorism Body language Courses, Venue can either be held at

Greenway Community Practice. Greystoke Ave, Southmead, Bristol BS10 6AF, England

Or in your place of work / organization. UK, USA, Middle East.

Costs and booking, please Call 0117 968 6886,    International 44-117-968-6886,     Mob 07811 373703,  or Email

David is flexible and can match a particular group requirement. Day course is usually from 9am - 5pm.

International 44-117-968-6886

ID TerroristsAnti-Terrorist Body Language course

Call 0117 968 6886

Safety on the streets for USA police officers, learn about criminal intent and threats from body language.

Michigan, Florida, South / North Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, New York.

One day intensive course to identify terrorists

Anti-terrorism specialist course which is quite different from the usual standard anti–terrorist body language course. David is a Behaviorist, he clearly informs and demonstrates ‘normal behavior and body language, then ‘abnormal / suspicious behavior’, able to identify terrorist suspects and / or criminal intent. Questioning and psychological communication, what answers to expect, all assist in producing a correct evaluation. Courses can be taught at your work place in the UK, or USA.

Students are able to take part themselves in this workshop, which creates better skills and interaction, and obviously a more enjoyable course experience. This is science based on research, that every human being, no matter who they are, gives away how they are thinking and feeling, regardless of ethnic background

The individual officer will be able to apply these techniques in their work place, increasing their confidence and reducing their own level of stress. How many TSA and Custom officials look overly stressed? The important aspect is that you enjoy what you do and provide the best protection.                                                       

Who attends this course?

Customs Officers at Airports TSA



Behavior Detection Officers (BDO’s) or for Refresher

Airline Stewards and Stewardesses

Officers or agencies in public places, or venues

Underground Transportation

Sea Port Customs / Port Authorities

 Proof of identity and/or authority is required prior to this course.

This course is about human behaviour, suspicious and abnormal behaviour and psychological communication.

To keeps costs to a minimum for agencies, this course does not include,

Weapons training, Border control, Bomb threat management etc.

All agencies have access to SWAT, armed officers and military personnel.

This does not include the many varied factions and terrorist branches. What I do teach is, whatever the threat,

a person can learn to identify, therefore create further investigation, expediting prevention.

Psychological Communication and Body Language is more profound, when decisions are made by humans.

No machine so far, can successfully decipher possible terrorists, or terrorism threats.

Due to health problems, I am unable to provide courses during 2014, sorry for any inconvenience.