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Suggestion therapy can be used for:-

Pre-Exam Nerves.   Whether it’s taking a driving test, GCSE’s or A-level exam, suggestion therapy is exceptionally beneficial for those individuals who fail due to ‘nerves’. Teenagers who become depressed, have been bullied or who have little confidence, have a high success rate with analytical therapy. They frequently go on to pass exams without problems. Obviously the person needs to know the course work, I cannot teach them that. However, due to resolving many negative issues within their mind, they can think more clearly  with logic and reason, and feel good and positive about themselves. Many A-level failures have re-taken the exam, to find they pass and go to the university of their choice.


Chronic Pain Control.   Chronic pain such as cancer pain and other long term pain can be reduced and controlled by hypnosis. This can take several sessions, during which the person is taught to use self-hypnosis. This is of great value due to the client being able to reduce analgesics and therefore reduce the side effects of the various pain relieving drugs. It can also boost the patient’s morale and immune system allowing that person to lead a better quality of life.


Weight Control. If being overweight is not due to a psychological problem, suggestion therapy can greatly assist you to reduce weight and motivate you to increase your exercise. The forming of a new eating habit is the key to maintaining a target weight and figure quite easily.


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