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Analytical therapy is used to discover causes of psychological problems. Hypno-analysis can be briefly summarised as the doctrine of ‘cause and effect’ (the symptom) must have a cause. Hypno-analysis aims to reveal and thus remove the cause, and consequently relieves the symptoms.


Emotional problems

Emotional problems respond particularly well to hypno-analysis. With these cases we are talking about a complete and lasting release by finding and removing the originating causes - as opposed to mere control of symptoms by suggestion.


There is no reason why anyone should put up with something ‘inside themselves but outside their control’ providing that they are prepared to be free of their problem.


The use of hypnosis dramatically ‘speeds up’ analysis and similar results can be achieved in a few weeks as would be expected from 2 - 3 years of conventional psycho-analytical methods.


As this web site makes clear we deal with many, many problems. You can be sure whether you are seeking a little help for boosting confidence, or a suicidal melancholic feeling that you have little to live for, you will in either case receive the best attention at all times.

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