Train in Hypnosis For Childbirth

Hypnosis For Childbirth UK / USA

Hypnosis for childbirth UK provides training for qualified hypnotherapists who want to learn hypnosis for childbirth. These teaching courses have been established in response to the increasing demand for the interesting speciality of childbirthing using hypnosis.

The knowledge you will obtain, will reflect in your professional approach, and how to assist clients and

their partners during this important time in their life.

Hypnosis for Childbirth UK / USA

Some Advantages of using

hypnosis during childbirth

Safer, more effective method

Reduces labour time

Less analgesic drug required (if any)

A less exhaustive mother after birth

A much less stressed baby

A calmer birthing experience

This is NOT a distance learning course.

Next courses

Total cost of the day course is 185. A 40 non returnable deposit is required one month prior to the course

The venue is held at The Hypnotherapy Clinic,

Student numbers are kept to 3 or 4 per course.

Refreshments and food provided in the cost.

For those wishing to know more about childbirthing or psychological problems

during pregnancy

This course is for qualified hypnotherapists.

Basic anatomy & physiology during pregnancy.

Natural design to give birth

The stages of labour.

Problems that can occur during pregnancy.

Scans & Amniocentesis

Problems and reducing interventions during childbirth. Epidurals, analgesics, Entonox, TENS, ventouse extraction,

Caesarean section.

Initial Consultation. History taking, previous birth trauma, PTSD, Hypertension, Pre-Eclampsia.

�Safe Place’.

Post Hypnotic Suggestions.

Teaching self hypnosis.

Techniques for reducing fear.

Perceptions of pain and control techniques.

Bonding with her baby.

Making audio tapes for relaxation, pre-childbirth, and childbirth. Use of audio subliminal’s.

Course contents will be provided in a comprehensive file or on an interactive CD.

A Master Subliminal CD will also be provided.