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Police officers have to decipher a whole range of movements, to create an overall impression, therefore significantly reducing bias and prejudices.


Officers are able to observe a person’s body language to identify possible high-risk, or identify those who demonstrate behaviours which indicate they could be a threat. This is sometimes called behaviour pattern recognition, or behaviour detection.

Indicators could be linked to fear, which in turn causes sweating, vocal pitch increase, respiratory change, gait, looking away, head down, (besides many others), provide the officer to question the individual further, or place them under observation. This person may have criminal intent, on probation or on warrant, just by the suspicious ‘tells’ what the person is exhibiting.

I teach psychological communication and body language. The main aim is to provide an officer techniques where he / she can identify, but also question a suspect in a way, that reveals the true underlying reasons for the suspicious behaviour, in a very pleasant and non-threatening way. This is a relevant aspect, as an officer obtains more information, when they are calm, relaxed, in control and are confident about what they do.

Safety on the Streets body language Courses, Venue can either be held at

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David is flexible and can match a particular group requirement. Day course is usually from 9am - 5pm.

Safety on the streets for USA police officers, learn about criminal intent and threats from body language.

Michigan, Florida, South / North Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, New York.

Safety on the Streets. Parts of the Course Content

Proof of identity and/or authority is required prior to this course.

Please note, I have recently retired.

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